Loves of my life!

Loves of my life!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm still here

Well, we still around... just without any of our personal things, so I have no pictures to post! We are currently staying with Tyler's parents in Colorado Springs until we close on our house in August. We are so excited about our house! We love it! We went to our new ward and I think we are really going to like it! There is a family that was in our ward in Montana that is in our new ward, so that was fun to see them! I was able to register Cassidy for kindergarten yesterday, so that was a little sad, but exciting at the same time. I can't believe she is going to start school! We really like the area here, but we will like it more when we have our own place! It's been about 2 months now since we've been without a home and it gets a little old! I think we will all be a little happier when we are settled! Anyone who wants to visit Colorado is more than welcome to stay with us! We love visitors!


  1. Two months on the run huh? Sounds like trouble ;)
    Good luck on the school scene. You have to prepare me!